Friday, 17 March 2017

Get the best out of your Employees with Human Centric Lighting

If you run an office environment, you’ll likely be familiar with drawbacks. While indeed a closed environment is perfect for tech companies, data companies and even down to everyday accountants and solicitors offices, the sight of employees forlornly gazing out of the windows and criticism of stark office lighting might be commonplace in your work environment.

Perhaps even, when the day is set to begin you’ll notice a few bleary faces and vague murmurs of tiredness across your office.

Even the most highly motivated individual might feel sometimes that they simply cannot keep their eyes open at points in the office, and to others, they may feel that office lighting is so stark, they simply cannot maintain focus. It has been well documented in various news sources as of late just how unhealthy working for a minimum of 6 hours at an office can be, and you can help your employees by installing human centric lighting as part of your next lighting overhaul.

But what exactly is human centric lighting? It’s simple. Human Centric Lighting denotes a certain kind of purpose built lighting (usually of the LED variety, such as LED Strip Lights or LED Rope Lights) which is considerate of human needs. With your older bulbs, you’ve no doubt noticed that they’re rather yellow. Human Centric Lighting is designed to tune brightness and colour temperature to patterns which are conducive to natural daytime stimulation.

While indeed antiquated lighting is of course, bright, it’s really not good for human beings. Human Centric Lighting is adjustable, and configurable to give off varying light values at varying times of the day, such as providing blue enriched light during the day (not to worry, you won’t have a blue office! While the human eye can’t see it, it’s most certainly there.) Immediate benefits are added stimulation to your employees, as the blue light sends signals to the brain which stirs up the body’s innate concept of night and day – something which is only replicated by sitting outside in the sun.

It should be noted that blue light has been pinpointed to sleeplessness when it is used at night. An office environment with blue light should not cause any form of sleep issues, as the effect is instantaneous and wears off as soon as the light ceases.

Human beings are wired to be awake during the day, and the results of this technology when used in hospitals have shown that indeed, human advances in lighting can even fool the human body.
LED Lighting has already made waves in the business world for it’s low emissions, environmentally friendliness and also for the fact that so much money can be saved by replacing your existing systems with LED.

The fact that something as simple as opting for a varying fitting can improve employee performance is the icing on the cake and a very valid reason why any office or indoor working environment should switch to LED Lighting as soon as they are able.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Why a Professional Should Always Install Your Aerial

For something like this, it’s easy to think that it’s something you can manage yourself at home in your own time. However, not many people know just what can go wrong without the assistance of an experienced professional. We’ve got a list of reasons why you should always choose a professional for your aerial installation Porthmadog.

Experience – Your number one benefit from choosing a professional is the experience that goes along with them. They have worked with all kinds of satellite equipment in all manner of situations and this gives you a great advantage, in having someone manage your equipment who knows exactly what they’re doing. Should you face some challenges; whether it’s mounting, cabling or compatibility issues, your installation professional will most likely have seen it all before and be able to manage them quickly.

Equipment – You should never attempt to fit an aerial without the industry standard equipment you require. Without the correct equipment, you will not only risk damaging your aerial and your home but be putting yourself in danger also. If you are setting up your aerial outside your business, you might want be feeling encouraged to use a professional for the aesthetic qualities having quality workmanship on show to your customers.

Perhaps your warranty is a large factor to your decision? In the instance you did cause damage to a piece of equipment, it may invalidate your product’s warranty. Your installation professional will also have everything they need to carry out the work effortlessly.

Support – The very nature of aerials means that they can be susceptible to weather damage, depending on where you live. It is likely that you will benefit from the ongoing support that a professional can offer you, such as over the telephone or call outs.

Friday, 24 February 2017

How To Survive the Apprenticeship Levy

North Wales is a region that’s jam packed full of small businesses, and from the recent news that a brand new apprenticeship levy is to come into effect from April 2017, a lot of small business owners that benefit from apprentice placements are starting to feel the strain.

Apprenticeships are good for multiple reasons. Essentially, an apprenticeship allows a graduate to start a career in their chosen profession on a training basis, and pick up vital experience and confidence through work until they are at a position to be taken on as a full time employee – as well as directly benefiting employers, (often those which run smaller businesses) with workers which simply wouldn’t have been employed at a higher rate.

Unfortunately, the new Apprentice Levy is making small business owners in particular rethink work placements, according to recent research conducted by XpertHR.

The small print of the new levy demands that small business owners with a paybill of more than £3m per year (which roughly equates to around 2% of businesses within the UK) to pay to fund apprenticeship costs. How exactly can this be weathered? Are apprenticeships turning into more of a headache for employers than simply employing the individual and providing other forms of work based training?

Not exactly.

The services of an excellent chartered accountant North Wales can help you decide the ins and outs of employing apprentices, and inform you about all kinds of clauses that you might not know exist. For instance, any good accountant will know that employers which pay the levy have access to a 10% top up fund from the government in order to help with additional costs which might not have been these since the beginning of April, as well as the oncoming Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) which is a web-based portal for accessing additional funding.  

Essentially, the services of a good chartered accountant in North Wales is absolutely invaluable when it comes to navigating what exactly the government plans to add in and take away next.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Takeuchi Parts Supplied Quickly and Efficiently

It’s always a headache when new parts are required for your plant machinery.  It’s a long and arduous affair of making a series of phone calls, long waits, and inevitably being told that your investment and therefore the backbone of your business is going to stay out of commission a little longer, because particular parts can’t be supplied or sourced. This of course leaves your business in the cold. Targets are not met, work is not done (or done at a less than optimal rate) which leaves your team annoyed, your client annoyed, and additionally can provide a series of problems for the day to day running of your business – with health and safety concerns paramount.

Of course, there’s the lottery of getting parts which are off-brand. These, while most of the time can be alright, can have an added layer of stress attached to them which means that your heavy machinery won’t be optional. Overall, even with the best performing off-brand parts, you’ll likely see that the lifespan of these simply won’t last even half as long as parts from the brands themselves. A manufacturer can produce parts which are quite simply made for the machinery itself, which will last much longer than parts which are made by a third party manufacturer.

But how to find genuine parts?

Did you know that for example with Takeuchi machinery, a local dealer can offer you the peace of mind as using Takeuchi’s own supply chain for sourcing parts and their delivery service to ensure that the parts are with them in good time? For instance, a Takeuchi Dealer in North Wales , The Wirral and also Birkenhead such as Glyn Lloyd and Sons have genuine Takeuchi parts, with 99% availability – and that’s guaranteed. Should the part in question be trickier to find (for instance from an obsolete machine) they can still contact Takeuchi themselves to have the part delivered by the next working day.

Essentially, there’s no need to go here there and everywhere in order to get Takeuchi parts. Glyn Lloyd and Sons, and Takeuchi dealerships alike them can get you what you need – so you can focus on getting back to work.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Now is the Time to Retrofit Your LEDs

Whether it’s for the home, for retail, or for the office, LED Lighting can provide a wealth of good things. Time improvements (through less replacements) money saving (through less voltage and less power being required) and of course being good for the environment (with average savings compared to traditional CFL bulbs at 80%) LED technology, whether it’s LED Strip Lights, LED Rope Lights or even LED Bulbs is coming on leaps and bounds and the applications of such are absolutely unending. We’ve compiled a shortlist of the benefits of LED Lighting, and why now is the perfect time to switch.

H&S, or health and safety, is unbelievably important within the workplace. More often than not brought up by the inspectorate and also within reviews within the workplace, it can be very difficult to avoid and identify hazards in areas which are under lit, or have poor light quality. Lots of workplaces don’t have windows (for instance, electrical component manufacturers – windows are a dust hazard) so getting the lighting right is of the essence.

Furthermore, the flicker of fluorescent light can cause your staff headaches, and dreary yellow light can often lead to visual fatigue.

LED Lighting can also allow you to free up your maintenance team.  Ask any maintenance professional what their most hated job is, and you’ll probably be surprised to find that replacing light fixtures is up there.

In the service life of a building, lights are generally expected to be on within all opening hours, and even if you install a feature which has motion detectors ascertain when to turn a light off and on – the truth is that fluorescent lighting just generally doesn’t take too well to near constant off and on cycles from a busy workforce. Furthermore, the lighting will degrade far faster than normal.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Domestic Heating Oil in North Wales

When selecting oil for domestic purposes, it is essential that you select a distributor who is able to offer their expert advice on which fuel is best for your home.
It may be a case that you require additional fuel additives to clear issues within your fuel tank, or perhaps you require a particular grade of domestic heating oil.

A reputable oil distributor will guide you through which fuels are the most effective, as opposed to simply selling you the latest range.

Quad Fuels is an independent oil distributor, providing a range of fuels for both domestic and commercial purposes within North Wales and Chester. With a combined experience of over 200 years, its team of experts are there to help you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting fuel.

So what are your options for domestic heating oil? Kerosene is the most commonly used fuel within domestic settings, and is often referred to as ‘burning oil’ and ’28 second oil’.

There are different grades of kerosene, with higher ‘premium’ grades providing a cleaner burn within systems. A cleaner burn will reduce the amount of sooty deposits which build up over time, which in turn reduces the amount of maintenance your systems will need.

For those who use storage tanks, you may be familiar with sludge formations that naturally occur over time due to condensation. This sludge can cause blockages, and often requires professional cleaning services to thoroughly remove it from your tank.

Fuel additives can help to reduce the issues associated with sludge build-up, as well as blocked filters. There are a range of fuel additives available, all with different properties. Some work by increasing the octane rating of fuels, whilst others act as corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.

Over time, fuel can degrade if left in a tank unused. Using old fuel can damage your heaters and systems, and also causes a reduction in performance. Fuel additives can help to increase the longevity of your fuel, so it is a worthy investment if you’re looking to buy your fuel in a large bulk quantity.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Oil & Gas Reserves And Resources Evaluation – Consult An Expert

If you’re looking for comprehensive and objective Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation, you won’t go wrong with London based ERC Equipoise. This firm is the United Kingdom’s leading employee owned Oil and Gas reservoir evaluation firm, with multiple offices within the UK, Dubai, and Singapore. ERC Equipoise benefit from a strictly in-house team which is comprised of a number of professionals within the disciplines of geoscience, engineering, petrophysics and economics.

A very established name in the field of Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation, ERC Equipoise further benefit from their staff’s registered member status with the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers. This group is very well known as the definitive body with regard to oil and gas reserves evaluation and management and can assist you with a number of matters including assistance with public reserves and resources reporting, as they’re registered and accredited reserves and resources auditors for a number of E&P Companies on a worldwide basis.

Acquisitions or divestments and mergers can also be handled by ERC Equipoise, as well as bond issues, reserve based lending, as well as portfolio management. Furthermore, ERC Equipoise are familiar with a number of reporting standards across the world including SEC, NI 51-101 and UNFC.

ERC Equipoise have a long history of working with auditing prospect studies and providing contingent resource evaluations. Well known for their work with the financial community, ERC Equipoise have been seconded with a number of RBL groups, and have worked with a number of banks within the United States of America, the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Australia, Norway and Sweden.

Essentially, ERC Equipoise have enough experience within the realm of Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation to ensure your needs are met – and can provide your firm with a comprehensive and detailed oil and gas reservoir evaluation whether it’s used for public disclosure or even confidential purpose.