Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Oil & Gas Reserves And Resources Evaluation – Consult An Expert

If you’re looking for comprehensive and objective Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation, you won’t go wrong with London based ERC Equipoise. This firm is the United Kingdom’s leading employee owned Oil and Gas reservoir evaluation firm, with multiple offices within the UK, Dubai, and Singapore. ERC Equipoise benefit from a strictly in-house team which is comprised of a number of professionals within the disciplines of geoscience, engineering, petrophysics and economics.

A very established name in the field of Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation, ERC Equipoise further benefit from their staff’s registered member status with the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers. This group is very well known as the definitive body with regard to oil and gas reserves evaluation and management and can assist you with a number of matters including assistance with public reserves and resources reporting, as they’re registered and accredited reserves and resources auditors for a number of E&P Companies on a worldwide basis.

Acquisitions or divestments and mergers can also be handled by ERC Equipoise, as well as bond issues, reserve based lending, as well as portfolio management. Furthermore, ERC Equipoise are familiar with a number of reporting standards across the world including SEC, NI 51-101 and UNFC.

ERC Equipoise have a long history of working with auditing prospect studies and providing contingent resource evaluations. Well known for their work with the financial community, ERC Equipoise have been seconded with a number of RBL groups, and have worked with a number of banks within the United States of America, the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Australia, Norway and Sweden.

Essentially, ERC Equipoise have enough experience within the realm of Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation to ensure your needs are met – and can provide your firm with a comprehensive and detailed oil and gas reservoir evaluation whether it’s used for public disclosure or even confidential purpose.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How a Commercial Telecoms System Can Change Your Business

Running a bed and breakfast isn’t easy, and at times you might feel like you take advantage of all the help you can get, especially when it comes to customer service.

When working in a customer facing role, you want to give them the best experience possible, whether that’s giving them a warm welcome, telling them more about your service or simply delivering an efficient overall service. Now might be the right time for you to install a commercial telecoms system and your local aerial Installation Bangor, will be able to help you with this.

The beauty of a commercial telecoms system is that it can offer a tailored service to meet your needs. Not only does it offer multiple front desks and lines, it can deliver multiple services which will free up time for your staff for more efficient operations. When you’re operating a small B&B it makes sense to have a single member of staff working in multiple areas of the building, but when you’re committed to one phone line, this can prove a difficult task. A commercial system will allow your members of staff to take reception calls anywhere in the building.

Perhaps you have a larger number of staff who are responsible for a number of departments? A commercial phone will allow you to set up a menu and direct inquiries to the appropriate phone line(s). This makes the general management of inquiries much swifter whilst giving customers the best experience possible by speaking to the right person, first time.

The commercial phone system will allow you to make all your guests aware of all the services you offer and in some cases carry out services for you. For example, set your phone up to offer a warm room welcome after check in or let them know they can set an automated wake up call or make a request for room service.

Speak to a local aerial installation Bangor, who also specialises in internet, cabling and telecoms services.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

What’s Involved in Accounting?

Many of us believe we’re familiar with the job of an accountant. Most of the time the mention of the role conjures a universal picture of someone hunched over a desk, handling a company’s accounts. It’s a little more than that, though – especially for a chartered accountant. Even if expanded, The role of the job is pretty much universal – whether your chartered accountant in North Wales or beyond the region.

A regular accountant assists with correctly compiling and filing tax returns, as well as specialising in business support services which may be unexpected. An accountant will be able to professionally assist in a number of fields such as fund management, estate planning, retirement packages and investment options, to name a few. Needless to say, an accountant must properly understand the sector.

When you deal with your accountant, you’re looking at an individual which is following best practise in order to make sure that your business performs and succeeds, as well as the fact that they’re members of professional authorities such as the ICAEW which regulates the practise as well as provides access to world leading information resources and technical guidance.

A Chartered Accountant is generally capable of offering highly specialised knowledge which requires a massive amount of experience within the sector in order to truly understand. With a  comprehensive knowledge of the financial sector (and their qualification demanding that their education remains relevant – as the financial sector has been known to change) a Chartered Accountant differs from a regular accountant by undergoing all manner of training in order to make themselves true experts upon all fields of business and finance while working as an accountant.

This training may not last any less than three years – but that’s not all. In the UK they must complete 15 modules which cover all of the tenants of accounting before they may sit their final examinations.

Furthermore, a Chartered Accountant benefits from ethics and scrutiny training which enables them to provide accurate records of all financial transactions for an individual or business. Essentially, this type of professional is more likely to be employed in a commercial fashion.

Friday, 23 December 2016

DJH Communications: Communication Specialists for your North Wales Business

For those looking to update their office phone systems in North Wales, searching around for the best tariffs can become an undoubtedly tiresome and unfruitful task.

It’s the same old story. You’ll think you’ve found the cheapest deal and you’re about to order everything, until the small print reveals that fantastic tariff deal isn’t what it seems. Hidden charges within the set-up costs or added charges after a certain period of time often crop up, which can make finding the right tariff a very long process.

Before all of that, it’s often difficult to know exactly what your office or business needs in terms of communication methods. Whilst it appears that e-mail is fast becoming a favoured form of communication, almost every office has a fixed line and mobile telephone system. It’s often quick and reliable, and has stood the test of time for nearly 150 years.

Opting for a communications specialist company to take care of your office communication needs has a number of benefits. Often, these specialists have links with providers, which offer cost-saving and personal deals to them – which they then pass on to you. It saves you the hassle of trawling through comparison sites and providers for hours on end.

You’ll also receive technical support and an installation service, which ensures that everything is set up professionally and runs smoothly. Daily communication between businesses and clients is essential; setting up your phone lines improperly could mean that you miss out on important phone calls.

If you’re looking for a new fixed-line provider, or perhaps have additional office communication needs, DJH Communications are there to help. Their team of communication specialists have over 20 years of experience within the field, and will help you through the phone line switch-over process every step of the way. DJH Communications offer their expertise and business phone systems in North Wales, including Conwy, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Rhyl, Denbigh and Anglesey.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Brenig Construction: Turnkey Project Management You Can Rely On

What is the role of a project manager, and why may you need one? A project management firm are specialist contractors which represents you in a build, and is responsible for the day to day management of a project or a building. Essentially, a project management firm’s job is to make sure that the construction team or unhindered and their work is making good time – and the job’s not even half as easy as it sounds.

With the construction industry flagging behind in terms of adapting new technologies and generally being quite resistant to change, its little wonder that most projects don’t finish on time and certainly not to budget. In North Wales, there’s a mass of firms out there, but Colwyn Bay based Brenig Construction, which also offer civil engineering in Gwynedd , they have the experience which is needed to make sure that your project is seen through on time, and to the very end by assisting construction firms with what they need, in order to follow through.

Brenig Construction function effectively, operating almost as if they are part of your organisation. A common misconception is that project managers and project management firms are consultants – and Brenig Construction aren’t that. They’re more than capable of relaying good instruction to your construction team, and review progress on your behalf.

Key responsibilities Brenig Construction excel at are helping you develop your preliminary business case and initial strategic brief, Advisement on selection and appointments for the consultation teams and management of the appointment process, helping you with issuing information and instructions to construction teams, developing a project execution plan, as well as selecting a possible procurement route and establishing contracts, establishing and maintaining all risk management exercises, contribution and maintenance of value management exercises, contribution to design reviews…. All in all, a project management firm has quite a lot to answer to, so you’ll be best with a professional firm with a large degree of experience.

Brenig Construction are a relatively young firm with hands on, practical experience in a number of projects both within North Wales and the North East of England. Overall, with fresh thinking and a solid reputation in a number of commercial projects, your project is in very safe hands with Brenig Construction.    

BiS Insurance – Protection for the Worst

Insurance is quite a tricky subject, as no-one wishes to think about the worst happening to their business. On the other side of the coin, no-one likes to think of years and years of premiums going out and the worst not happening to their business! It can often feel like false economy paying premiums for something which may not happen – but it should be noted that a good businessman or businesswoman comes prepared.

What kind of protection are you looking for? BiS Insurance commercial insurance brokers Llandudno have branched out to offices based in Manchester, Liverpool and Chorley – and they have a multitude of policies which are designed to cater to a wide variety of businesses and give them the level of protection they need. This helps alleviate a lot of insurance gripes and groans, and they can help you in a number of ways.

There’s no one size fits all policy with BiS Insurance – they’re large enough to matter (and to get you a variety of highly competitive rates) but they’ve stayed true to their roots as a small insurance firm and they truly care about you and your business – enough to make sure that you’re not paying for products that you don’t entirely need.

Whether you’re looking for a number of specialised products suitable for business such as fleet insurance, hotel and restaurant insurance, indemnity insurance, motor trade insurance, or even highly specialised things such as commercial vehicle and haulage insurance in North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester or Chorley, BiS Insurance can provide you with what you need in order to carry on should something happen.

Their team are friendly, reliable, and all come from a hefty background of insurance brokering, and are very qualified (with all staff members at least qualified to the level of CERT CII with the Chartered Insurance Institute) making them more than equipped to offer you and your business the amount of protection your business truly needs.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Automate Your Cash Flow With an Accountant

Every business looks to simplify the process of money going in and going out, in order for it to be more easily invested later down the line. The help of a chartered accountant in North Wales can be imperative in truly automating cash flow, and this is mostly through a technique called Cash Sweeping. While indeed quite a complex procedure, (and certainly not one to DIY) cash sweeping is useful for concentrating your company’s balance in a single place, which then enables your company to place funds in larger financial instruments, at a much higher rate of return than drips and drops, here and there.

It’s quite usual for a cash sweep to occur at the end of every working day, though a good accountant will examine your business and work out a schedule that benefits your business. There’s no one size fits all approach to this, and a good accountant will recognize that fact and advise you based on what is best for your business, and your businesses circumstances and needs.

Making Money From Depositing Money?
Essentially, yes. Cash sweeping mostly occurs via the usage of a zero balance account- which is usually a checking account which is automatically funded from a central account in exact amounts to cover presented withdrawals from all other accounts. How this works is that after all accounts have been set up by an accountant, the bank will calculate the amount of all outgoing amounts against the zero balance account and will pay them with a debit to the central account, making the balance return to zero. Hypothetically, should the zero balance account become overdrawn for any reason, cash is shifted back as needed.

Why Zero Balance?
While zero balance accounts are the most common way of performing cash sweeps due to their rates, if you’d prefer, a target amount (or buffer) can be implemented in any amount you desire. An accountant will discuss the pros and cons of doing so with you, and advise you to the very best of their capacity, but you should keep in mind that the final decision is yours. Strictly speaking, a buffer amount is not needed. Should said zero balance account become overdrawn, funds to place the account back at zero will automatically be drawn from your other accounts ensuring no risk, and no fees.

It Can’t Be That Easy…
Essentially, it is. Cash sweeping, however, is not to be engaged upon a DIY basis. Incorrectly assigned, configured, and allocated accounts and balances can cause chaos should something be off, and the attentions of a good accountant are far more desirable in cases like this than any other. Essentially, it’s like building a house. Everyone has a cursory knowledge that a foundation comes first, then walls, then a roof, but to undertake a task like this, you’d likely come unstuck. There’s multiple areas for something alike our hypothetical house to fail, and cash sweeping is no different. Let an expert take care of it, and you’ll certainly reap rewards.