Friday, 21 October 2016

Our Guide to Choosing the Best LED Supplier for You

We love the LED Industry. With countless years of research, development, financial backing and enthusiasm behind it, this little fledgling incentive to save the planet has become an absolute behemoth – with LED products, with their truly remarkable long life, considerable power savings and excellent value for money turning countless businesses, companies, councils and even governments toward committing time and money in order to retrofit existing amenities to support brand new LED lighting.

Of course, money is the driving factor when it comes to most LED retrofits – the certainty of saving a lot of money through the utilisation of LED devices is very alluring, and the benefits of which will be reaped for years to come, but the environment is also a large factor which simply can't be ignored. The world, unfortunately, is at breaking point. With humanity causing varying problems within the environment, it’s a sad fact that we may very well leave those that come after us – the next generation – with a world of problems to face. So, humanity at large is doing our very best to circumvent that. 

For instance, LED Lighting is one measure of reducing c02 count within the atmosphere – giving more and more companies, in this environmentally conscious time, even more reason to make the jump to LED lighting.

But how do you get the best deal? With LED Lighting, it’s unchartered territory for most. There’s very real demand for the technology – and usually with all things of this description, the excitement of a brand new era can be soured by not-so-reputable companies jumping on board with inferior products which can sorely test a customer’s faith in this technology. Essentially, what can feel initially like a bargain product can often turn into a complete and total nightmare.

Even the easiest project can be completely daunting when attempting to fit counterfeit products. The products or the fittings may break through parts not quite fitting, and can be extremely dangerous when live.

We recommend, with your retrofit, to consult the services of a professional, reputable company and to stay well clear of bargain sites such as e-bay and amazon which may or may not sell counterfeit products. It’s well known in everything that you get what you pay for. In this case, as with all others, it applies. You’re simply not going to get a brand new technology for less than £5.

It’s just simply not possible. There have been many documented cases of unassuming bargain hunters getting something that isn’t what it says it is – as any form of branding, in the hands of the correct factory, is extremely easy to replicate with the right tools.

We recommend going to a place where you can see, learn about, and see examples of what you’re about to buy, rather than hope that what you ordered will be the right model and... actually what you were led to believe it might be. That of course means suppliers regional to you.

 As for the UK, we can’t recommend Llandudno based LED Illuminations enough. A modest company that started in 2009, LED Illuminations supply LED products worldwide including LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights, and they’re genuine, well trained in their products and very up on every aspect of this emerging technology.

Whether you’re outfitting your business or your home, they’re more than capable and willing to provide solid advice, expert help, and can assist you with absolutely every aspect of your renovation. Unsure about the difference between Kelvins and Lumens? They can help you with that. Not entirely sure about colour ranges? They’ve got you. Can’t tell one end of a light from the other? You get the idea.

LED Illuminations lead the way in terms of customer support and customer service, and we can’t recommend them enough. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Eliminate Stress – Get a Good Insurance Policy

Since the recession that plagued 2005 and beyond, many of us have turned poor fortune into opportunity by turning the tides, taking advantage of the government’s help, resources and training in order to create our own businesses. The small business sector In the UK is gigantic, with many of us working for ourselves, while providing services to the community and as such, developing it in turn by providing much needed jobs to others and filling out abandoned shop fronts after big multinational developers have cut their losses and moved on.

In a way, our high streets feel like a brave new world (or perhaps towns shown in disaster films, set years on…) and jumping out there and starting a brand new business in the wake of global financial crisis may feel somewhat touch and go for quite a long time. However, help is always at hand.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro that’s a veteran of your business field, or a new business owner that feels quite overwhelmed at almost everything to do with the running of your business, uncertainty is universal. What happens, should something go wrong? What about fire, loss, theft, flooding, natural disaster, another financial crisis?

There is truly no need to worry. There are a number of services which are there to help new and old  business owners alike expand and grow, and business insurance manchester is one such service. Utterly essential, these are the companies that will pick your business up and dust it off should something terrible happen. They’ll ensure that your business, no matter what happens, can continue and they will do everything in their (always considerable) power to ensure that things will return to normal as soon as possible.

There are a gigantic number of providers around, but what entirely do you look for within one?

For many, they look for individual, custom policies which can be altered depending on what exactly their business needs, rather than a mean of everyone else’s. And we agree. Look for a business insurance provider that can offer you peace of mind, so you can get on with what’s important without any undue stress or concern. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Unitisation and Redetermination

Boring, searching for and obtaining what is buried underground can be a very challenging activity for even the most accomplished of companies, as sub-surface strata can only be very vaguely defined, and the challenges within such numerous and unique. In circumstances where the act of obtaining valuable resources can be problematic and very trying as a matter of course, the questions of where the resource is, how much of it there is, and who exactly has the right to obtain it are absolutely critical events which simply cannot be ignored. It's a fact within any sort of project that Unitisation and Redetermination Expert services are crucial in it's field life.

Within the equity process, excellence in technical evaluations, proper understanding of procedure, excellent time management and utterly critical evaluation of points of argument all contribute directly to success, and you’ll want an expert service which has proven itself when it comes to equity work.

London-based ERC Equipoise can offer an excellent track record with equity disputes, having had a firm foothold in over 30 disputes spanning from 1982 to the present day. Their involvement in these disputes has not been small or even close to meager- throughout these disputes their expertise in this field has ensured that they have been selected as either Expert or as an advisory to one of the parties in dispute over a certain resource.

Their relevance in this field is further cemented by the fact that since 2010, ERC Equipoise have acted as Expert for major field redeterminations within the North Sea.

Their expertise in this field has meant that they have also provided expert support in a multitude of continents in matters of unitisation and redetermination proceedings- such as South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Canada. Furthermore, they have provided evidence in regard to subsurface uncertainty of major African offshore assets, at special hearings which deal with equity disputes.

Overall, underground assets are highly sought-after, and you’ll likely need a major player in order to provide unitisation and equity redetermination services to highly pressurised environment of ownership uncertainty. ERC Equipoise provide and implement Expert advice on industry best practise, and have experience of equity negotiations on a global scale.    

Monday, 26 September 2016

Some Light Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Switch – Here’s Why

LED products, be them LED strip lights, rope lights, colour panels, bulbs or lamps, are providing to be unbelievably popular. Large city councils have started actively retrofitting existing street lighting in order to take advantage of the wealth of money which can be saved with the conversion, homeowners have started to retrofit houses and enjoy amazing creations such as LED wallpaper, and commercial premises seem to each be taking advantage of the fantastic displays and focal points which can be created with LED Lighting.

But, there’s a few companies out there which still have a massive stake in inefficient, deadly and extremely bad for the environment products such as CFL and Halogen bulbs, and all manner of silly statements are made in order to subvert consumers from making the switch. Some of these are that LED lighting has an expensive installation price. Others range between more and more ridiculous subjects, such as LED lighting will interfere with your sleep patterns, up until the totally silly, that LED Lighting will turn consumers blind.

Of course, most of these silly rumours and old wives’ tales have some merit, once (aside from blindness. LED stands for light emitting diode, not laser emitting diode!) but times have changed hugely since LED Lighting first made an appearance in the mid-70s, and if anything, the technology has improved so much from the stark, bland light of yesteryear in order to include more ranges of colour than you have fingers. And toes. In every single product.

Big-name manufacturers have put significant time and effort into creating viable LED Lighting products as it is the future, and it’s no real wonder that manufacturers that failed to adopt their manufacturing process in order to include it are feeling somewhat scrambled. When traditional CFL Bulbs see their end (it won’t be long, we’re certain of that) They’re going to be without the advances which other companies have put considerable resource and effort into attaining, and of course patenting.

Don’t let one or two old wives tales stop you from having the fixtures of your dreams and saving considerable amounts on your commercial lighting solution. LED Lighting is the future, and it’s here to stay. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Best Support for your Venture

In matters of reservoir simulation and engineering studies, one company springs to mind across multitudes situated worldwide. ERC Equipoise are a London-based independent consultancy company with offices in Singapore and Dubai, which stand head and shoulders above their competition when it comes to matters of reservoir engineering study and simulation.

ERC Equipoise combine a wide variety of industry technique, practical experience and know-how and their talented team of geoscientists have enough expertise to truly maximise the use of data within their reservoir engineering studies.

When it comes to it, Independent Oil Companies want and need a clear understanding of their assets, as well as the limitations and uncertainty involved within analysis of their sites to prevent mismanagement of assets and loss related to it.

No two projects are ever the same, and ERC Equipoise come equipped for anything – regularly called upon to provide anything from Material balance reporting (Whether multi-phased or otherwise), Rate Transient Analysis. Multi-rate gas flow analysis, Wellbore pressure lift curve modelling, VFP optimisation, Inflow performance and modelling, Well Flow Analysis, Decline Curve Analysis, Production logging, exploration and volumetric support, fluid characterisation, relative permeability and special core analysis analytics, as well as numerical and interference well test analysis.

Furthermore, ERC Equipoise have been called upon to provide a variety of modelling solutions, from wellbore pressure lift curve modelling, through to micro sweep efficiency and Buckley-Leverett Modelling, as well as saturation height, advanced reservoir modelling, and equation of state and compositional PVT modelling.

Their experience of over 34 years speaks for itself, from integrated oil and gas reservoir modelling of all types. Key contributors are actively involved throughout all stages of the building process – as modelling projects benefit at each stage from the input of associated geoscientists and petrophysicists.

ERC Equipoise recognise that 3D Seismic Control of facies distribution is best provided by their own seismic reservoir characterisation group, thus enabling as much constraint as possible to be brought to bear while modelling. Reservoir uncertainty is also captured, where appropriate, by this.

With this, and paying very close attention to the modelling of key elements which affect reservoir performance, viability and profitability, ERC Equipoise ensure that their geomodels allow subsequent simulation models to accurately reflect a reservoir’s behaviours to ensure that their clients truly understand the viability of what they’ve found.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How a Business Can Use a Bridging Loan

If your business is seeing rapid growth and you’re considering new premises a bridging loan might be for you in financing your new property.  The very nature of a mortgage means that it can be a very slow process, whist bridging loans are characterised by a much speedier process. Not to be considered as a long term financing solution, they are usually set at a higher interest rate. But what are the other benefits of a bridging loan to a business compared to a mortgage.

Buy Property Fast
As noted above, applications for a bridging loan are usually much shorter due to their nature of being a short term financing solution, bridging the gap until a longer term financing solution comes into place. The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) rules in April 2014 means that the application process for a mortgage is a lot more rigorous.
Of course, great property’s come and go very quickly which means sometimes you need to act fast. When you’re buying from a property auction for example, a bridging loan might be a viable solution for you.

Break Up the Buying Chain
The normal process of a mortgage is that you sell your current property before you can purchase a new one. You are relying on someone to purchase your property so that you can move on and so forth. Sales falling through can mean delays in the buying process. A bridging loan might be a suitable solution in this circumstance where you could purchase before someone has purchased your property.

Things to consider
A bridging loan can be used in a different manner, to pay off a current mortgage. Though useful times, they come with a higher interest rate and therefore need to be an affordable short term solution for your business. If you are still unsure about what might be the right decision for you and your business, it may be worthwhile if you speak to a financial advisor who can understand your circumstances.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Proper Identification of your Business

Properly specifying the type of your business is not an optional thing. For many which have their own business, be them self-starters or those who have been in the game for a very long time and wish to expand, they are either Sole Trader Companies or have ownership of a Limited Company. Regardless of the type of business you own, it is important for you to identify it properly so it can pay the taxes appropriate to it’s size and business model. It is imperative to know the differing types of businesses out there – and when you wish to change the type of business you operate, the services of an accountant in North Wales can help you with what you need to do.

Most businesses start as Sole Trader Companies. The enormous draw of doing so is that Sole Traders do not need to register with the HMRC. As a Sole Trader, you and your business are essentially the same thing. Any event to happen to your business, (good and bad) legally is happening to you. As such, you are allowed, as a Sole Trader, to make decisions on behalf of your Company without having to consult a soul. Furthermore, all profits belong to you.

This sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? No doubt some of you are reading this and thinking “well, why can’t I be a Sole Trader?” There are a number of advantages Limited Companies enjoy which are unavailable to Sole Traders. For example, taxation is different, as you will see less overall tax paid for Limited Companies than Sole Traders. As a Limited Company, you are not the owner of your company. Instead you are a shareholder, who also does not have any technical ownership over the profits of the Company. Your pay comes as a wage paid by the Limited Company to you – but with this comes responsibility.

As a Limited Company, you must ensure that the submission of annual financial records to the Companies House is adhered to, as well as setting up PAYE, managing your company’s resources and finances by law, as well as appointing a secretary.

Changing to a Limited Company provides an advantage when it comes to taxation, though your responsibilities increase on a substantial level. If you’re struggling, we absolutely recommend a good accountant behind you – preventing the possibility of things going wrong and grave repercussions occurring as result.