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Custom Fabrications by Scanwel

Should you have an idea which either enables a process to happen or prevents a problem occurring in an existing process but lack the facilities in order to make this idea a reality, there are means of which you can have a solution made on your behalf. This is known as custom fabrication, where a team of engineers will examine your design and create it on your behalf using machinery and expertise which may or may not be out of your reach.

Custom fabrication can be an expensive process, so it is so important to be kept informed. When you’re waiting for custom fabrication work, there are a few things which are imperative to the process in order for it to happen in a smooth manner. Choosing a company which adheres and delivers to each of these things is paramount for peace of mind and security in the design phase, the fabrication phase, and the lifetime of the fabrication is vital.

The first thing you’ll want to ask of your custom fabrication company is their experience. As you may be ab…
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Lotus: Who Are They?

Lotus is a brand that builds cars that are among some of the world's most respected and highest performing. They aim to provide the best driving experience, boasting that their lighter cars are both more poised and agile than the competition. Founded by Colin Chapman, the brand have a track record of designing and manufacturing fantastic sports cars that are loved by many loyal fans. The brand is becoming more and more popular, with the lotus services in North Wales and throughout the UK being highly in demand.

They set themselves aside from the crowd by refusing to follow what the mainstream companies are doing, they are innovative and continuously work on their product. Lotus are dedicated to engineering and refining their cars at every stage of the creation process, working to maintain their reputation of producing lighter weight, faster cars.

Being a lightweight car has more benefits than just being faster, for example, it uses less energy as it doesn’t need so much to prop…

The importance of getting your tyres checked

Especially in the new year, finding out you need new tyres feels like a kick in the gut, and bank balance. 
Unfortunately, tyre condition is not something we should take lightly, not to mention the safety issues that can crop up if they aren’t in the correct condition and performing as they should. Here are 3 reasons you should look after your tyres or maybe consider booking for a car servicing in Penrhyn Bay or North Wales.

It’s something that a lot of us a guilty of, maybe it occurs more often than it should and has become a habit. Although it may seem harmless, it can be extremely damaging to your tyres and cause bulges to the form of your tyre wall, this will mean a fail in your MOT. This can be avoided most of the time by heightened awareness when navigating and parking your car, however, sometimes life happens and you knock your tyres on the curb - if this is the case it’s best to get your tyres check, just to be safe.

Cracks & Tears
This can happen not only on the outs…

What is Asset Finance?.. and Is It Right for Me?

An Avenue of Investment - Asset Finance and Hire Purchase
If you’ve decided to invest in your business, then asset finance could be the perfect means to achieve this. The following step is to consider which
product best suits your business. This depends on your individual situation. In that whatever you are buying, leasing, or developing with that investment
will determine what kind of financing you will need, over a certain length of time, and at what cost. So, if it’s a fleet of vehicles,
and it upgrade you will need to first ask yourself some questions. Things to consider
It’s important you think seriously, and consider the following ·Do you want flexible payments? ·Will you need to extend the term of asset finance? ·Is the asset from the balance sheet? ·Do you want to outsource the residual risk value? ·Is future rental linked to a specific contract or the asset’s lifespan?

Motability: What is it?

Motability is a way to turn your mobility allowance into a new car, a fantastic way for disabled people become more mobile. It’s a worry-free service that over 500,000 people currently benefit from, using top leading car brands such as Honda. If you’ve been looking for cars for sale north wales and wish to know more about motability, here are some of the key facts.

The scheme was set up in 1977 and since has provided over four and a half million vehicles. The scheme allows disabled people to put their government-funded mobility allowances towards the lease of a new car, giving them the independence that many of us still take for granted.

When choosing a motability car, you need to ensure that you car is reliable, long-lasting and safe. Brands such as Honda will offer packages that include maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover, insurance and more so that owning a car is made simple and hassle free. You also get 20,000 mileage allowance per year of lease which is fantastic for weekly …

What is an Expert Witness?

Expert witness cases can be precarious, as they denote the courts needing to call in established experts within certain extremely technical fields. In the case of complex legal matters, a court is still charged with finding the right resolution to disputes, but in certain matters even the knowledge of the courts can prove insufficient and nonconductive to finding the right, and the best, result.
The Expert witness in oil and gas disputes  is invaluable to courts which seek a just result, but a courtroom is still somewhere where a fact is not a fact until it is proved. In a purely hypothetical sense, the sky is not blue until it is proved in court during proceedings, and more often than not, in technical manners, dispute lawyers and legal teams can cause even what is apparent to be brought into doubt in the aim of advancing their client’s case.
In matters such as these, the assistance of an expert witness is needed. In a completely alternate sense, an expert witness can prove instrume…

What To Look For In A Mechanic

Finding a mechanic can seem like a simple task that doesn’t require much thought, however, when choosing a mechanic you need to be certain you are in safe hands. Car safety can often be overlooked, however, you need peace of mind that you are road safe and that there is nothing wrong with you car. Here are some things to think about when looking for car servicing in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno and throughout North Wales. 
Are they trained? You need to ensure that your car is being serviced by a qualified and trained technician. Having  government appointed DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) approval is always a great sign, it means that the technicians are continually training to stay up to date with new techniques and that they are highly skilled in their field.
Do your homework! Look at the company's reputation, are they loyal to their customers? Many of us may flock to the nearest nationwide known service centre, however, sometimes a smaller centre may better suit your need…